Grab 1 XXX Vodka Mix Get 1 Free at Cafe Toons, Pune

Café Toons – the name remind you of a rocking place to hang out with friends and party till you drop. One of the most well-knownCafé Toons has altered its place in the heart of all Punekar with their service and friendly ambience. Of course the yummy and lip-smacking food like snacks and multi cuisines are another reason for celebration. Besides, Now Café Toons has announced a thunderous Offer for all who love and celebrate their weekend with Vodka mix. It’s #FridaySpecial Grab 1 Get 1 Free XXX Vodka Mix. The Exclusive offer is for 1 day so can’t afford to miss it. Visit Café Toons today and rejuvenate yourself with 3 amazing flavours of XXX Vodka Mix. The Cranberry, Lemon and Rejuve will definitely quench your thirst for evening.

Vodka mix offer at cafe-toons pune
Vodka mix offer at cafe-toons Pune

XXX Universe has new line of XXX Energy drink with 3 different flavors to give a punch of vitality to the individuals who love to be high. After the huge success, XXX Universe brings XXX Vodka Mix blend a masterminded to appreciate Vodka 3 flavors to treat your taste buds give you new wings.

With Cranberry Flavored Vodka Mix, a delightful touch of cranberry can be tasted with propping vodka blend. The red color makes it lustier and tempts you to go all night. Permit its sweet taste to sexually tickle your inclination of taste and fill your assets with quiet joy. You’ll no two ways about it concur that cranberry never tasted this better!

Lemon flavored XXX Vodka mix is mixed with the unequaled taste of Lemon, this intriguing vodka blend will captivate your tongue with a tart taste. This is no ordinary lemon taste its something that will redefine Vodka forever. Let your assets move to the tune of this fiery normal thing!

The Rejuve flavor is to revive in style!! The empowering taste of XXX Energy Drink rejuvenates not only your taste buds but gives you heavenly pleasure. Turn the night around and make it a get-together to review as this scene stealer lights up the night. With these three flavor you can claim your love for Vodka once again like never before.

Big Surprise from Big Nasty!!!

Big Nasty is always full of surprises; one can’t expect an ordinary evening or plain night when he is in here with his friends. Big Nasty is not just a weekend’s fun place as you can get a rolling time here all days a week. The music is always good; it ranges across all genres and gives you me your favorite Hip Hop music; some songs ranging from way back at times – a super blast from the past. You will surely meet some wild people here. People enter a different zone by the end of the night – dancing on tables etc. However a never to forget memory in the Big Nasty is their Nasty bowl. Any drink of your choice served in a fish bowl type bowl; one is usually enough to get the party started.

This time there is another Big Surprise coming from Big Nasty on Friday!!! 10th July. Buy 1 XXX Vodka Mix Get 1 Free. This exclusive offer is only for 1 day, so run or fly with your best buddies and Enjoy the Evening with high energy dose.

XXX Universe has presented new line of Energy beverage XXX Energy drink with Rejuve flavor to give a punch of vitality to the individuals who adoration to be high on vitality meter. After the fantastic achievement and ubiquity XXX Universe conveyed XXX Vodka blend a prepared to savor Vodka 3 flavors to treat your taste buds give you new wings.

Vodka Mix Special Offer by Big Nasty

Here is what you can expect from the flavors when you meet them at bar.

XXX Vodka mix with Cranberry is flavored with a delightful cranberry. This animating vodka blend comes in delicious red color to start off the night. Give it a chance and you will experience sweet taste exotically tickle your sense of taste and fill your faculties with quiet pleasure. You’ll without a doubt concur that cranberry never tasted this better!

The Lemon flavored XXX Vodka mix is seductively implanted with the record-breaking most loved taste of Lemon. This colorful vodka blend will charm your tongue with a tart taste. The night out with companions takes off on a bent note when this gathering creature is unleashed. Let your faculties move to the tune of this enthusiastic natural product!

These is like best saved for last! The XXX Vodka mix of Rejuve flavor is all you need to restore in style, appreciate the invigorating taste of XXX Energy Drink when you take a drink of this elating vodka blend. Turn the night around and make it a gathering to recall as this scene stealer lights up the night. Let this be the night of revival for you and your companions!


The soulful singer and latest singing sensation who has been creating musical records with one after another blockbuster songs will thrill the audience at Dome Hall NSCI on 5th July with one of the best bands The Symphony Orchestra.

The XXX Universe is proud to be the Beverage Partner of Musically yours Show of Arijit Singh. This isn’t firs time he is performing in tinsel town but he has always raised standard bar two notch high and left audiences desiring for more of his soulful singing and melody of Symphony.  This will be first time Arijit will be working with Symphony Orchestra in India, however there previous collaboration were as blockbuster as his recent musical hits. But Mumbai has its own aura in air and crowd here expects nothing less than the best.

Right from his first ever Phir Mohabbat to the song that made him King overnight Tum hi ho and all his chartbuster songs can be enjoyed by his fans where 50 musicians will play the instruments just to give you a unique experience. Those who are music lovers and closely follow live shows they can easily know what magnum show it will be!!!

You can’t afford to miss this!! It surely will be the musical night to remember for long time. Arijit Singh himself is super excited and a bit nervous to perform at Dome Hall, NSCI. “I am pleased to present my fans with such a unique concert. The precession and rehearsals required to pull off a live performance with symphony orchestra is a mammoth task. This will be my first symphony concert in India and I hope to delight my fans with the musical extravagana,” Arijit said in a statement.

Book your tickets or visit our Facebook page Twitter account @thexxxuniverse to know how to win free tickets for Show.

Top Five content of XXX Energy Drinks And Their Benefits

Nowadays Energy drinks are getting very popular, especially among youth and athletes. As per study the most common ingredients – caffeine, guarana, taurine, sugars and B vitamins. In this article we have discussed their effects on health.

XXX Energy Drink

  1. Caffeine: It is the most vital ingredient of any Energy drink. Caffeine increases stamina during exercise. Caffeine mixed with carbs replenishes muscle glycogen concentrations faster after exercise.It reduces kidney stone risk.
  2. Taurine:Taurineis the most abundant amino acid. It supports brain development and regulate the body’s mineral and water levels, and could even improve athletic performance.
  3. B complex Vitamins: They protect the immune system.Improves the energy levels. Benefits skin and hair growth.
  4. Inositol: It lowers cholesterol levels. It also improves weight loss by stimulating the metabolism and helps to break up fat cells.Improves focus.
  5. Maltodextrin: Complex carbohydrates, or starches, are made from thousands of units of glucose connected together.It contains calories and is used in supplements designed to provide a boost of energy.

There are Lots of energy drinks brands are available with different flavors to meet consumers’ preferences.


XXX Universe invites you to beat the Madness, to unlock doors of Unreal World and to take you on ride with the One man Armin Van Buuren. See it for yourself, Experience it as real at A State Of Trance Festival Asia (#ASOTFESTASIA) to be held on 6th June in Mumbai.  Those who knows how to party and enjoy the experience of trance doesn’t need an introduction of ASOTFESTASIA and Armin. Those who have been to ASOT before can never wipe out the experience of Trance. Armin van Buuren is One magician to transform real world into State Of Trance. XXX Energy drinks is One way to beat the Madness and make you stand out till it lasts.


At such stage where extreme horizon is your limit and Sky gives you wings all you need is a Drink. Drink to make you Fly and get you real High!!! XXX acronym for Xperience Xtreme Xcitement has best options to suit the situation. XXX Energy drink and XXX Vodka Mix ensures the fire to get your zest and enthusiasm to meet your expectations.


One place One event One Man to steal the Show and One Energy Drink to rock the floor!!! The ASOT FEST ASIA marks the landing of Armin Van Buuren to take a high flight to state of trance like never experienced before. XXX Energy drinks has it all to take you off the ground and XXX Vodka mix is first ever ready to drink mix for those who doesn’t like to stop at counter, to wait for bartender to get them their drink. XXX Universe will make sure everything goes in your favor. No Trance without DJ Armin No Party without XXX Universe drinks.